La Nuova Era Cuadra


Cuadra is a semi professional coffee machine with no need of water connection. Its design is unique, it is smart and easy to use and this is the reason why it is one of our best seller. If you do not have enough room but you want a great espresso, this is your machine 100% made in Italy!




It combines professional components as E61 group, manageability and innovative aesthetics, with beautiful finish.

The heat exchanger is welcome for lovers of great coffee. The separate hot water tap allows you to quickly prepare tea, herbal teas or simply stretch your coffee. The steamer will give you the chance to make a perfect milk foam.
The heating of the group head allows to have a filter holder always at the right temperature and improves thermal stability, for good performances in every moment of the day.

Bolier 1.8 lt (1 grp)
Heating element 1200W (1 grp)
Vibration pump 230V – 110V
Stainless steel steam wand
Stainless steel hot water wand Tank 3lt (removable)
Removable stainless steel tray
Professional group 4Kg
Tank level sensor
Empty tank warning light

Additional information


E61 Grouphead, Vibratory Pump, Reservoir


Heat exchanger