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All information on www.espressomasine.com is provided for informational purposes only and to the best of our knowledge. You can find the exact information on the manufacturer’s website. The Seller hereby defines the relations between the Visitors of the Site, the Buyers and the Seller, in relation to the conditions and manner of ordering the product, the price of the product, payment, delivery, warranty, complaint, return and delivery, protection of personal data and other issues related to the use of the Website www .espressomasine.com and online purchases.

1.1. In the General Terms, the terms in boldface have the following meaning: Seller: Keppler & Company (owned by Keppler farm sro, Vrtezir 2059301 Stepanov nad Svratkou, Vysočina, Czech Republic) Buyer: a person who registers his personal information and orders via electronic means at least one product offered at www.espressomasine.com Website visitor: a person who accesses www.espressomasine.com via electronic communications and without registering, is free to view a prominent product offeringUser: Customers and Site Visitors Together.

Using www.espressomasine.com: Access www.espressomasine.com to obtain information about the content, offer, product and / or e-commerceOnline purchase: purchase a product through www.espressomasine.comProducts: All products featured on www. espressomasine.com, which can be purchased through online shopping.Definition of terms listed in these General Terms (singular words include both plural and vice versa, unless otherwise stated in the context).

1.2. By accessing and using the Website through the appropriate technical means of access, each User agrees to abide by these General Terms and agrees that the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions apply.

1.3. The Agreement on the sale of the Product between the Buyer and the Seller is concluded at the moment of ordering the product, when the Seller as an electronic message containing the statement of the Buyer as offered to accept the offer, or at the moment when the Seller receives the order of the Product by the Buyer

1.4. By using www.espressomasine.com, it is considered that the User is aware of and accepts these General Terms. Seller disclaims all responsibility for any disputes that may arise from the failure of the Site Visitor, User and / or Buyer to read the General Terms.


2.1. The User agrees not to use the Seller’s Website in any way that is contrary to the positive regulations – to enter into the Seller’s website or distribute through the Internet sites any content that is contrary to the positive regulations, to change, delete or destroy any information on the Seller’s Website .

2.2. Documents, data and information posted on the Website may not be reproduced, distributed or in any way used for commercial purposes without the express consent of the Seller or in any way that may cause damage to the Seller or any third party.Photos displayed on www.espressomasine .com are merely illustrative in nature. Photos, texts and other materials may not be published, sold, publicly or privately published, or otherwise used without the consent of the Seller. The seller retains all copyrights for the use of photographs, text and other published material, in the sense of the positive legal regulations in the Republic of Croatia.

2.3. Seller disclaims all liability whatsoever in any way whatsoever arising out of or in any way related to the use of the Website, and for any damages that may arise to the User or any third party in connection with the use or misuse of the use of the Internet Content pages.

2.4. The seller is authorized without prior notice to change the contents of these General Terms and Conditions, product range, other information related to the Internet store as well as all other content of www.espressomasine.com, subject to a public announcement on the www.espressomasine.com website, which is why Users are required to review the content of the site each time they visit the website in question. Failure to do so relieves the Seller of any liability.

2.5. The Services provided by Seller as part of the Online Purchasing Service at www.espressomasine.com do not include the costs incurred by Users using computer equipment and site access services. The Seller is not responsible for the costs of the phone, Internet traffic or any other costs, nor is it responsible for any damages that may result from interruption of the Internet connection when using the Online Shopping service.

2.6. The buyer can only be an adult and a capable person. Contracts on behalf of and for the account of minors or persons who are completely incapacitated may be concluded by their legal representatives, and partially legal persons may conclude the contract only with the consent of their legal representative. The seller is not responsible for any action contrary to this provision.

2.7. When using the www.espressomasine.com Website, Users are required to provide accurate, valid and complete personal information, especially when filling out the registration form. Opposite treatment authorizes the Seller to deny such user access or deny the realization of all or part of the services, or Products that he offers to them.


3.1. When ordering the Product for the first time via the electronic form, it must be registered on the website www.espressomasine.com. The user of the website www.espressomasine.com is obliged to register in order to make an online purchase and to enter the necessary personal information for this purpose. When filling out the registration form, the buyer is obliged to provide accurate, valid and complete personal information. The completeness, accuracy, truthfulness and timeliness of personal information, to give the Seller express consent that in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Protection of Personal Data, it may process the given personal data for the purposes of its own records and provision of other services, the need to create a customer database, to notify new products and services, and promotion of services, protection of interests of users and Seller and prevention of possible abuses After successfully completed registration (all required information is filled in correctly), instructions for confirmation of registration and E-mail will be sent to the Buyer’s E-mail.

3.2. The Seller undertakes to regularly maintain and provide to the Visitors and Customers on the www.espressomasine.com Website unique, clear, easily understandable information about the Products on offer, in a manner adapted to the means of remote communication. At the moment of ordering a particular Product from the offer, the User, by agreeing to these General Terms and Conditions, confirms that he / she is informed about the main characteristics of the goods or service, name and headquarters, telephone number, e-mail address, geographical address within a reasonable time before concluding the purchase contract (pre-contractual notice). place of business to which objections may be made, the retail price of the goods or services, the cost of transport, delivery, payment terms, conditions of delivery of the goods or services, the time of delivery of the goods or services and the manner of resolving complaints, conditions, terms and procedure of claiming unilateral termination Contracts, after-sales services (servicing and sale of replacement parts), warranties provided with the product or service, consumer’s right to terminate the contract made via remote communication within 14 (fourteen) business days to terminate the contract, situations in which exclude the consumer’s right to ra withdrawal of the contract, the costs of using the means of remote communication when this cost is not calculated at the basic tariff, the period during which the offer or price is valid and these General Terms and Conditions.

3.3. The Seller shall provide to the Buyer as a consumer in accordance with the provisions of the LPP a confirmation of a pre-contractual notice in a written or other accessible medium available to the consumer, as soon as possible, and no later than at the time of delivery of the product, or at the latest on the date of commencement of the service. By agreeing to these General Terms and Conditions, the Buyer agrees that the confirmation of the pre-contractual notice should be sent to him by e-mail to the e-mail address he specifies as a contact when placing his order or by mail to the home address together with the delivery of the Product and the invoice.3.4. The Seller is not responsible for any delay in delivery, or for any problem that arises due to incorrect or incorrect information of the Buyer. The same shall not be liable for any damages incurred, if the Customer has forgotten his password, or if the password has become known to a third party. The seller considers each registration to be a special right person. Changing the data is possible after logging in, on the Personal page, where you can view information about active orders. The seller is not responsible for the damage and malfunction of the changes to the registered data.

3.5. If the Seller is not able to deliver any of the ordered products, he will contact the buyer by phone or e-mail and inform him of the above. The buyer has the option to cancel the ordered product or request a replacement product.

3.6. Product images are for informational purposes only, so the product may look different in reality, or the images may contain accessories not included in the package.


4.1. All product prices are retail. The prices of the products and the prices of delivery are expressed in kunas and include VAT.

4.2. The process of entering a price on the website for each product is subject to multiple levels of control, however, there is a possibility of an error, since it is not an automatic entry. Such situations are extraordinary and the Seller apologizes to their customers in advance because they will be forced to inform them of the situation, the wrong price for a particular product, and the inability to deliver on the specific order of the buyer.

4.3. The seller is authorized to change prices without notice, as he is authorized to change prices for online shopping without prior notice.

4.4. The Seller is authorized at any time to determine the sale, daily or weekly sales of the Product for each Product, Group of Products and / or for all Products.

4.5. Prices, payment terms and special offers are valid at the time of ordering. For stock sales, please note that sales of stock products are restricted. Customers can be provided with a limited amount of product, that is, an amount sufficient for the customer’s home use.

5.1. For each product from the Seller’s assortment that is advertised on www.espressomasine.com, the Buyer shall exercise the rights under the warranty under the warranty card of the specific product that the Buyer receives together with the purchased product.


6.1. Delivery is made only for the territory of the Republic of Croatia

6.2. Products paid for in accordance with the submitted offer will be delivered to the Buyer within 70 days, counting from the date of payment. In the event of failure to deliver the ordered Product or delaying the delivery time, the Seller shall notify the Buyer by e-mail or telephone of the problems encountered and agree on a new delivery date or refund the full amount. Each consignment is certified and signed by the consignee upon receipt of the consignment. In accordance with the provisions of the Law on Obligations, the consignment note is certified by the consignee that the consignment is delivered in undamaged condition and after that the carrier is exempt from any subsequent liability. The sender will indicate in the download list the reference number of the supporting documentation, whereby a later signed delivery list with the reference number will be proof of delivery.

6.3. When receiving the delivered Product, the Buyer is obliged to inspect the delivered package in case of visible damage and has the right to refuse to download the same, and to demand delivery of the undamaged product. By signing the invoice and receiving the invoice, the Buyer confirms that he / she has reviewed the product when downloading the product.

6.4. Upon delivery, with the Purchased Product, the Buyer receives all the documents accompanying the Product (user manual, warranty card, product declaration of conformity), an invoice and acknowledgment of receipt of the shipment which he is obliged to sign. The signature on the acknowledgment of receipt of the shipment shall be deemed to have been taken over without visible damage to the Product.

6.5. If the buyer fails to download the product or refuses to download the product without valid reason, the Seller reserves the right to claim reimbursement of the costs incurred.


7.1. The buyer has the right, without stating the reason, to terminate the contract of sale concluded outside the premises and the distance contract within 14 (fourteen) days from the day of taking over the Product. by the Buyer, the Buyer is obliged to submit a written notice of termination of the Contract to the Seller. In this case, the Buyer agrees to return the delivered product to the Seller at his own expense. The prerequisite for such termination is that the product has not been used.

7.2. The buyer is not entitled to terminate the Contract in the cases prescribed by Article 79 of the Consumer Protection Act.

7.3. The Buyer is entitled to a refund of the Product, at the expense of the Seller in the case of delivery of the Product which was not ordered.

7.4. If the buyer received the purchased product which has a factory defect, he is obliged to report to the Seller by e-mail within 3 working days.

7.5. In all cases where the Buyer returns the Product on any basis, the Product returned to the Seller shall be returned complete with all relevant parts and documentation, and any marking for the purpose of indicating that the Product has not been used or damaged must not be removed or damaged (except in cases where the right from the warranty card is exercised in relation to the markings indicating that the product has not been used).


8.1. In individual cases, due to high demand, it is possible that the Seller may not be able to deliver some of the ordered Products, that is, that some of the Products in the Offer are fully or partially sold out. In the case of Sold Products, the Buyer will be notified before delivery of the goods by E-mail or telephone, in which case the Seller bears no responsibility.


9.1. In accordance with Art. 10 ZZP, the Seller allows all Buyers to submit their complaints by post, to the address of the seller Vrtezir 20 59301 Stepanov nad Svratkou, Vysočina, Czech Republic or to the Seller’s email info@espressomasine.com and the Seller will notify the Buyer of the received complaint. The Seller will respond to all objections and objections within 14 days from the day of receipt of the objection.


10.1. The Seller reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions without notice. Users are required to check the applicable General Terms and Conditions each time they use the Website, and in particular the Internet Store Services.

10.2. Online shopping is subject to the General Terms and Conditions at the time of ordering a product.

10.3. European Union special regulation, as of February 15, 2016, will be possible to resolve online purchases through the ODR platform throughout the EU. The dispute resolution platform is available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.This means that if you encounter a problem while making an online purchase within the EU, you should first try to resolve disputes related to online ordering without involving the courts . This link can be used by consumers for cross-border consumer disputes. For consumer disputes vis-à-vis traders from the Republic of Croatia, this possibility does not exist until the procedure is supported by the necessary legal regulation by the authorized bodies of the Republic of Croatia. All disputes that may arise under these General Terms and Conditions will be resolved before a competent court in Zagreb.

10.4. Documents published on this site may only be copied for non-commercial purposes and solely for individual use, and subject to all copyrights, other proprietary rights and any stated rights restriction.


We are committed to protecting the personal information of our customers by collecting only necessary, basic customer / customer information that is necessary to fulfill our obligations; we inform customers about how we use the information we collect, we regularly give customers the choice of using their information, including the ability to decide whether or not their name should be removed from the lists used for marketing campaigns. All customer information is strictly kept and only available employees who need this information to do the job. All our employees and business partners are responsible for upholding our privacy principles.


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